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What is Dreamoc Fusion?
Dreamoc Fusion is a built in feature in some of the Dreamoc displays, that allow multiple displays to play in complete sync, allowing animated elements to flow from display to display. The Dreamoc Fusion function can also be purchased as an add-on to those products that does not have it built in.
Is Dreamoc Fusion a separate product?
For products that does not have Dreamoc Fusion built in, the function can be purchased as an add-on.
Which Dreamoc displays support Dreamoc Fusion?
Dreamoc HD3, Dreamoc POP2, Dreamoc POP3 and Dreamoc 360XL all have the function built in as standard. All other Dreamoc displays can be upgraded to support the feature, through add-on purchases.
Do I need any extra device to make Fusion work?

On Dreamoc HD3, Dreamoc POP2 and Dreamoc POP3, the Fusion feature is built-in already. But you will need 1 ethernet cable per display and a router/switch with enough ports to allow all your Dreamoc displays to be connected. If you wish to run Fusion on other Dreamoc display versions than the ones mentioned before, you will need to buy external media players that support synchronised playback. We can help with that as well.

How many displays can I link together as a Fusion setup?

We have tested and verified up to 24 displays in one setup. But theoretically many more should be possible. If you are considering an installation larger than 24 units, we recommend you contact us.

Where do I place the router? (if this can be hidden in the unit)

The router can be placed anywhere near the displays. On some Dreamoc models, smaller routers can even fit inside the display.

Do I need to create special content for a Fusion setup?

Yes. A Fusion setup requires 1 movie per Dreamoc display that have been produced with the fusion setup in mind. Each movie should be created in full resolution and all movies have to have the exact same duration.

Can I utilize the existing content template for creating content for my Fusion setup?

Well, yes and no. For each movie for each display, the template can certainly be used. But in order to get the full overview of the complete Fusion impression, we strongly recommend setting up a project, with a composition that shows all movies together as they are intended to be installed.

So if you aim to install 3 Dreamoc POP3 displays in a horizontal row, you should create 3 seperate POP3 movies. But in order to preview the full result, you could setup a composition with the 3 movies next to each other.

Can I use the Dreamoc Play app for Fusion?


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Having problems playing your Dreamoc movies ? And are you using Mac?

It appears there can be a playback issue when copying movies from Mac to an SD/CF card. With the introduction of OSX 10.5, Mac changed the behavior of their hidden file structure. This is causing some compatibility problems across platforms in general. More information can be found here:

This tutorial shows you how to delete the hidden files and make your movie work when copied from Mac. There is no such issue when copying movies from PC.

Please note this software is not developed by Realfiction. This file/software is free to use at your own risk.

create config file


Follow these 5 easy steps to get fusion up and running. 

If you have questions you can download the README here

Launch Configurator
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Dreamoc Fusion - Get started

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Fusion Test Content 2 units

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Fusion Test Content 3 units

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Fusion Test Content 4 units

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Fusion Test Content 5 units

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Fusion test Content 6 units

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User manual

Dreamoc POP3 smart frame stand-3
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How to create artwork for Dreamoc POP3 smart frame stand-3

Dreamoc POP3 smart frame stand-3
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Dreamoc POP3 smart frame stand-3 user manual

Dreamoc POP3 smart frame stand-3
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