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Be Bold. Be Creative. Deliver Magic. Let your creativity decide where you take your client's products.


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Inject Your Client Projects with the “Wow Factor”!

A 3D holographic display packed with features to bring your client’s products to life.

Enveloping your client’s physical product in a magical 3D holographic story of your imagination helps them to connect emotionally with their audience, and differentiate their brand message.

Encased in a portable, reliable Plug & Play display case is the key to building a scalable and successful campaign.

LightControl is just one of the unique features used in the Dreamoc 3D Holographic display to bring your story to life. Take a look for yourself, and sign up for our regular newsletter with case studies and details of how our featured partners delight their clients globally.

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Proven at the Point of Sale

Proven to increase sales by over 60%

Grab the attention of retail foot traffic in busy shops, department stores and malls. When you have their attention, your story can entice them to buy into your Call To Action.

Better still, you can tune and deliver different messages to suit many campaigns, all within a single 3D holographic display case, without additional investment in space and resources.

Take a look at the Milka case study by one of our partners, and you’ll see the power of proving ROI to your clients and store owners.

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Be Bold. Be Creative. Deliver Magic

Let your creativity decide where you can take your client’s products.

Don’t let the technology hold you back. Dreamocs are ultimately reliable, portable and affordable 3D holographic display cases that allow you to showcase your client’s products surrounded in fantastic stories.

The ability to interact with some models using the viewer’s own mobile devices helps the story to connect on an unprecedented level, and create an experience that is truly remarkable.

If this video inspires you, head over to the features and see if you can come up with ideas for your clients.

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

– Seth Godin
Partners Deliver Value To Their Client’s Projects

Realfiction’s Partners are global resellers and distributors who enable the Dreamoc’s 3D holographic power and design to make their client’s product shine above the crowd and compel users to pay attention.

Partners build their businesses on Realfiction’s constant innovation and manufacturing excellence, helping clients with product displays for exhibitions, retail outlets and just about and roadshows.

Here is where you can join the Partner family, or find a partner for your product launch using our Partner Match service.

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Case Studies that Prove Success

Whether you are launching your own brand, or delivering a whole experience for your client’s products, this selection of partner case studies both show and tell how brands have easily increased ROI and “WOWed” their target audience with our 3D Holographic Display.


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