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Holographic displays


Elevate your brand with 3D holograms

3D holographic displays offer a new and unique way of creating marketing activations, as you can promote your products in a completely unique way with seemingly “free-floating” 3D holograms that explain details, features, and unique selling points.

 Whether you are looking to elevate your in-store marketing in retail, stand out at a crowded expo, or create a unique brand activation, our range of award-winning 3D holographic displays are built to generate attention that resonates with today’s consumer, who increasingly lives beyond the reach of classic advertising. 

Portfolio of Holographic displays

Whether you are looking to amplify up your in-store marketing in retail, promote your company and products at an expo, or deliver a memorable brand activation, our portfolio of holographic displays range in different sizes and designs that’ll fit your specific project.


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lego innovation center




Large holographic display for events and expos

"…when we saw this solution, it was definitely the right way for us to showcase 

our technical products in a nice looking way"

Kenneth Iversen, Business Development Manager atpolytech_logo_v8
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Eye-catching retail campaigns 

With Magic-as-a-Service       

Our MaaS concept is a complete in-store marketing campaign that lets you harness the power of 3D holograms in an easy and hassle-free way. You simply tell us when, where and how long you want the magic to happen, and we take care of the entire in-store promotion for you.

We deliver holographic displays, install them at your locations, apply branding foils if needed, and develop your bespoke 3D content tailored exactly to highlight your product’s unique story. We also handle all the logistics and details in between. 

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Rent a unique experience for your next event

For expos, events and brand activations you can rent a complete holographic display solution to elevate your brand and product.
We offer different display models according to your available space, and can deliver a full solution with bespoke 3D content, interactivity and exterior branding elements. Everything is of course delivered and installed for you in a completely hassle-free way.

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3D holographic content for hologram display

3D content that brings brands to life


From the initial storyboard to the finished project, we normally deliver your bespoke 3D content within three to four weeks. When developed it’s yours to own, and you can re-use it for additional campaigns or events as much as you like.

Your content can even be re-purposed as unique elements on your website or as part of your other online advertising.

Immersive interactivity

To give your audience the power to immerse themselves completely and connect with your brand on an even deeper level, we design custom interactivity that can easily be added to your in-store campaign or event setup.

The touchscreen makes it possible to interact with virtual holographic content, successfully increasing the level of engagement and time spend with your brand even more


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