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How it works

3D holographic displays make it possible to create a visual brand experience that harnesses power of neuromarketing. The seemingly free-floating holograms have a natural ability to make people stop and pay attention in any crowded setting, whether it be in a retail store, at an expo or in public spaces.

When looking at a holographic display, the brain is instantly tricked by the illusion of having a physical object or real environment mixed with the three-dimensional digital overlay. The visual experience immediately evokes emotions and triggers the senses to fire up the activity in the cortex, essentially making the viewer process and retain the information that is communicated better.








It’s all about emotions

Thanks to the smartphone revolution of the past decade, the human attention span is at a historically low level. With constant bombardments of advertising, emails and social media notifications, capturing and retaining people’s attention has become increasingly difficult to master. People need a real reason to snap out of autopilot and look up from their handheld devices. In other words, you need to provide something that evokes emotions, creates an experience and bring that little spark of unexpected magic.

How does it work?

In essence, a holographic display works by having a high-definition or 4K screen reflect digital content through glass with special coating, called the glass optics. When placed at a certain angle, the glass optic will create an illusion that makes your brain interpret the digital content as three-dimensional. This is what creates the sensation of seeing a free-floating hologram before your eyes.






Hologram for rental for expos and events

Application and use

Holograms can be used in many different industries and sectors where there’s a need to communicate technical information in a clear and exciting way. Besides generating attention, holographic displays make it possible to communicate complicated brand- or product stories to any bystander in mere seconds. When placing an object, product or artefact inside the display, the digital overlay can present special features, highlight details or explain unique selling points in a visual way that is instantly absorbed by the viewer.

Unlike VR headsets or other wearable tech currently on the market, multiple people can see and take part in the experience at the same time, without having to wear any special glasses. This makes holographic displays very effective as a tool for marketing and advertising purposes.

Getting started

Implementing new technology in any company is never an easy and straight-forward process.  That’s why we’ve created a simple concept that provides a turnkey holographic solution, called Magic-as-a-Service (MaaS), where we manage everything for you in a hassle-free way.

With MaaS, we tailor a complete solution exactly to your needs on a rent-as-you-go basis, meaning you don’t have to worry about hardware, installation or development of 3D content. This allows you to try out our portfolio of holographic displays, without making any upfront investments.

 Below you can browse the MaaS concept for our two most common ways of using 3D holographic displays - Retail and events 








Development of 3D content

Content for our holographic displays is meant as the digital overlay of 3D animations, images or video that can be projected on top of a physical object or location, to create the experience of mixed reality. The 3D content is what makes your brand come to life and should be considered the most important component of a holographic solution. Our streamlined process takes you through three phases from initial idea to the finished project, where we normally create your bespoke 3D content within three to four weeks.

When developed, the 3D content is yours to own for future projects, and you can even re-use it for your social media platforms, website or online advertising.

Read more about creating content for our displays in our eBook

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