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Making stories come alive

What is holographic content

 What is content?

Content is the virtual overlay of video or live animation that can be projected on top or next to a real physical item to create the experience of mixed reality. No special glasses or headset is required for viewing, as our displays directly triggers the eye’s perception of depth and reality. This results in a seemingly three-dimensional hologram that can be seen by multiple bystanders at the same time.

Enliven static products, communicate details and engage your audience in the most amazing ways imaginable. Bring your stories to life with the next generation platform for digital visualisations.

How to get content

Through our global network of partners and creative content developers we can assist you from storyboard to creative content production. We facilitate and help you in the process from initial idea to finished content, matching your project brief, needs and budget.

The process is like working with any type of agency, with focus on what kind of message you would like to send, as well as setting goals for what you want to achieve.


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DeepFrame Interactive
Interactive possibilites

Interactive content can heighten the experience when visitors become part of the story. This not only helps them remember the story better but also lets them focus on the parts that they find interesting.


How to make it interactive

Ebook - Holographic Content

Creating the right content for your Dreamoc is vital to make the most of the attention-grabbing features of the holographic displays. 
Facts, specs, and creative advices are abundant in this eBook containing all the information and tips you need to create effective content that best suit project needs and gets the results you want.

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