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Multiply the magic of mixed reality

Fusion is a unique feature that makes it possible to sync multiple Dreamoc HD3.2 or POP3 displays, and create visual experiences where the animations ‘flow’ seamlessly across all the displays. It can also be purchased as an add-on feature for other Dreamoc models.

For the HD3.2 the Fusion feature comes pre-installed, and for the POP3 you need to update the display's firmware.  

Fusion makes it possible to take your visual creativity even further, since you can place several displays side by side in say a shop window, or even on top of each other to create a really different installation and experience.


Case Study - Shimano

With people’s attention-span shorter than ever, Shimano needed to have a clear ‘wow-factor’ around their new concept at Eurobike 2021. Three Dreamoc HD3.2 displays, each representing a specific scenario, was placed side-by-side, and synched with the built-in Fusion feature to allow an elegantly composed storyline to flow across all three displays as if they were one. With creative finesse and superior visual quality, Mr. Fox Creative Agency truly understood how to make the most of the technology’s strength and features.

See Case Study

Dreamoc Fusion - Mixed Reality experience

Think inside the boxes

When communicating your message with Fusion, you open up to a new world of visual creativity. You can create a flow of holographic animations moving from one display to the next and back, or you could have a wall of displays in a store front window, each showing a little part of something bigger, coming together in the grand view of all the assembled displays.

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For ressources and more information download the ’Dreamoc Fusion - Get Started’ zip file, or download from the supportpage on our website, and follow the detailed instructions in the ‘READ ME’ pdf.

Please note that for the HD3.2 the Fusion feature comes pre-installed, meaning you only need to upgrade the display's firmware if you are using the POP3 displays.