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Change your content with the swipe of a finger

Engage your audience

You might have a variety of content to choose from or different versions of the same product, and with the Dreamoc Play app you can let your viewers pick and choose what content to see.

You run the app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and set it up alongside the display, giving your audience the opportunity to influence the content with the touch of a finger, augmenting their mixed reality experience with your product on display.




Play unlimited content

Add an infinite amount of content to your playlist. Let your viewers browse through a holographic catalogue of your products.   


Customize screensaver

Create your own unique screensaver that will play inside the Dreamoc after five minutes of idle time.  


Customize screensaver for iOS

Create your own screensaver instead of the default one, which encourage passersby to step closer and start interacting.  


Customize the user interface

With the Dreamoc Play Pro you can create a unique user interface to exactly match your specific campaign or brand guidelines.  


Video thumbnail playlist

Scroll through your content gallery and simply tap on the thumbnail to play.  


Browse while you play

While the content is playing, users can still scroll through the thumbnail menu to find the next hologram they’d like to see.  

Dreamoc Play


  • Playing unlimited videos
  • Create video thumbnails
  • Customize Screensaver for iOS device
  • Customize Screensaver for Dreamoc
Download free version
Dreamoc Play Pro


1 Time Fee
  • Playing unlimited videos
  • Create video thumbnails
  • Customize User Interface
  • Customize logo
  • Customize Screensaver for iOS device
  • Customize Screensaver for Dreamoc
Download Pro version

Supported dreamoc models

Dreamoc HD3, Dreamoc HD2, Dreamoc POP3, Dreamoc POP2,

Dreamoc Scandinavia 180 XXL, 360 XXL, Dreamoc XL3, Dreamoc XL2,

Early 2014 models and later

Supported IOS devices

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPad (4th gen.),iPad 2,

iPad Air, iPad Air 2, Pod Touch (5th gen. and up), iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3