The Dreamoc Range of Products

Named from the combination of "Dream", a soft, dreamy vision and "oc" a futuristic, robotic, techy edge.

dreamoc hd3

Dreamoc™ HD3

Affordable. Portable. Plug & Play

Our most popular Dreamoc ideal for use at scale in stores, malls and crowded exhibition halls, the Dreamoc HD3 is a 3 sided holographic display case that is robust, transportable and thanks to “Plug and Play” can be set up by anyone, anywhere.

With proof from many use cases that a measurable increase in sales and accelerated Return on Investment (ROI) at the Point of Sale (POS), this compact and portable Dreamoc can fit into tight retail stores just where you need it most.

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Dreamoc POP3


The newest, most affordable Dreamoc.

One-sided holographic display case that is robust and easy to transport.

The Dreamoc POP3 creates the stop-and-stare effect that is crucial in a crowded retail environment.It’s easy to install, super affordable and gives you the new Fusion feature already built in.

Harness the magic of a holographic display and command attention for your brand.

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Dreamoc™ XL3

The Attention Magnet

The larger, elegant solution for creating those remarkable brand experiences.
Designed for a life on the road and the continuous, heavy use in retail environments.

Newly added and improved features makes this display an even more powerfull work horse.

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Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 360 XXL

Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 360 XXL

Large. Dominant. Awe!

A regular show stopper at shopping malls, exhibitions and large scale shows and events, the Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL has a proven track record and is the cornerstone for creating effective brand awareness and driving high volumes of visitors, prospects and customers to your display.

This massive holographic display case is the marketing marvel you have been looking for to take your product to the next level!

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Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 180 XXL

Dreamoc™ Scandinavia 180 XXL

Large. 180 Degree. Efficient.

The Dreamoc Scandinavia 180 XXL is the extra factor you have been looking for to captivate high volumes of foot traffic. It is the ideal solution for displays in large shopping malls, exhibitions, airports and many other locations.

Give your product the holographic edge you have been seeking and reap the benefits of the Scandinavia 180 XXL today!

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Dreamoc™ PLAY

Dreamoc™ PLAY

Video. Interactive. App.

Reach new levels of user engagement by unleashing the power of the Dreamoc Play.

This Full HD video player enables content creators to use Apple Smart devices such as iPhones or iPod Touch to connect to a second screen via USB cables.

This allows users to scroll through the content and load it into the Dreamoc creating a deeper sense of engagement and cultivating brand exposure in the process.

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