frequently asked questions
Can I put more than one movie on the USB?

Yes. The Dreamoc will play all supported movies on the card in numerical and alphabetical order. Once the last movie has finished playing, it will start playing from the top again.

Which movie formats are supported?

The Dreamoc XL4 supports the following formats: MPEG1 / MPEG2, MPEG4 , H.264

What is the maximum bitrate?

Maximum bitrate is 30 Mbps.

Does the Dreamoc XL4 have a built in speakers?

Yes. Stereo speakers are built in, and remote control can easily adjust volume.

Can I get a remote control for my Dreamoc XL4?

Yes, remote control is included with the Dreamoc XL4.

Can I make the Dreamoc XL4 interactive?

Yes, you can connect any computer or media player through HDMI, thereby achieving any type of interactivity you wish.

Can I get spare parts?

Yes. All main components can easily be replaced. No service technician is required.

Can I use my own mediaplayer or computer to play content?

Yes, you can connect any external device using the HDMI input.

Can I add external speakers to my Dreamoc XL4?
Yes. The Dreamoc XL4 has a mini-jack audio output for connecting external sound systems or speakers. 
What USB stick should I buy?

We recommend the Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 pens

video tutorials
How to remove the LCD screen from the Dreamoc XL4

We guide you through the easy steps of safely removing the LCD screen from the XL4.

We recommend this as a two-person task.

How to change the optics on the Dreamoc XL4

A thorough walk-through on the different steps for removing the optics on the XL4, as well as assembling a new pair.  

How to assemble the stand

Step-by-step guide on how to assemble the basic stand option together with a shelf option.


Having problems playing your Dreamoc movies ? And are you using Mac?

It appears there can be a playback issue when copying movies from Mac to an SD/CF card. With the introduction of OSX 10.5 Mac changed the behavior of their hidden file structure. This is causing some compatibility problems across platforms in general. More information can be found here:

This tutorial shows you how to delete the hidden files and make your movie work when copied from Mac. There is no such issue when copying movies from PC.

Please note this software is not developed by Realfiction. This file/software is free to use at your own risk.

Adding a clone to your XL4 screen and using FAIL_OVER

In case your Dreamoc XL4 content does not play automatically. 

To make movies play automatically from a USB stick, a simple FAIL_OVER folder must be created.

The new document can be viewed here 

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User Manual

PDF, English

Delete Hidden Files

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Content Manual and guidelines

Dreamoc XL4
ZIP, English

Stand Manual

Dreamoc XL4
PDF, English

XL4 guidelines explained

Dreamoc XL4
PDF, English

How to create USB playback

Dreamoc XL4
PDF, English

Foils for XL4

ZIP files

Smart frame assembly guide