frequently asked questions
Can I avoid using software when updating content?
No. The BrightSign interactive system we use can only be updated with the free windows only software called BrightAuthor. The software can be downloaded from the Brightsign website.
How can I make and change content?
To create interactive presentations on this system, you need to download the free windows only software BrightAuthor from Brightsigns website. You will find an introduction tutorial under "Download Area".
How does the touchscreen control the Realfiction display?
To use the Brightsign system, the Realfiction display has to be fitted with a Brightsign mediaplayer. DeepFrame and Dreamoc Diamond includes such a player already. For other units the player needs to be added to the setup. The touchscreen then controls the Realfiction display by sending specific play commands to the player in the display.
Can my touchscreen design be dynamic?
Yes. The touchscreen design can include images, text, videos and sound. So, it is possible to design moving and dynamic interfaces.
What does Realfiction provide when I purchase Touchscreen?

Realfiction delivers the following as a bundle: 15" Touchcreen, Vesa Mount, cables and assistance with Basic Content upload.

Realfiction also sells Brightsign players if needed.

Realfiction also offers Advanced Interface design services.

video tutorials
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Tutorial on how to program

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Mounting on Diamond

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