frequently asked questions
Can I put more than one movie on the SD card?
Yes. The Dreamoc will play all supported movies on the card in numerical and alphabetical order. Once the last movie has finished playing, it will start playing from the top again.
Which movie formats are supported?
The Dreamoc POP3 supports the following formats: H264, MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1.
What is the maximum bitrate?
Maximum bitrate is 30 Mbps.
Does the Dreamoc POP3 have a built in speakers?
Yes. Stereo speakers are built in, and buttons behind the backdoor can easily adjust volume.
Can I get a remote control for my Dreamoc POP3?
No. The Dreamoc POP3 does not support remote controls. However most settings can be set/changed via the SD card, by creating and saving a small settings file on the card.
Can I use my own mediaplayer or computer to play content?
Yes, you can connect any external device using the VGA input.
How can I make and change content?
You can develop content using the same tools and software as for normal video screens. The trick is to make it fit the display. To make that easier, we have made the content guidelines which can be downloaded on this page. Changing content is easy. You simply swap the SD card with another containing new content and the unit starts playing.
Can I add external speakers to my Dreamoc POP3?
No. The Dreamoc POP3 does not feature an audio input for connecting an external sound system or speakers. 
video tutorials

Having problems playing your Dreamoc movies ? And are you using Mac?

It appears there can be a playback issue when copying movies from Mac to an SD/CF card. With the introduction of OSX 10.5, Mac changed the behavior of their hidden file structure. This is causing some compatibility problems across platforms in general. More information can be found here:

This tutorial shows you how to delete the hidden files and make your movie work when copied from Mac. There is no such issue when copying movies from PC.

Please note this software is not developed by Realfiction. This file/software is free to use at your own risk.

using config files

Config files can be used to easily set up multiple Dreamoc HD3, HD3.2, POP3 or POP3B units, or to send premade configurations to such units over distances.

A config file is a simple .xml text file with a very specific name and format. The name must ALWAYS be exactly "config.xml". If such a file exists on the SD card when the Dreamoc is turned on, it will instantly read and activate the settings specified in the file. 

It is important to understand that this will happen every time the unit is turned on, so if you want to leave some freedom for manual adjustments (for example sound volume), then either delete the config file from the SD card after the first initialisation, or delete the textlines specifying sound volume in the file.

To edit a config file, open the file in a simple text editor (notepad (Win), textedit (Mac), and edit the values of each line. These values and their functions are specified in a pdf, that can be downloaded here together with an example config file.


download area

POP3 - User Manual

PDF, English

POP3 - Fact Sheet

PDF, English

Content Manual and guidelines

ZIP, English

1 KHZ Audio File

Audio WAV File

Delete Hidden Files

External link

POP3B - Fact Sheet

Dreamoc POP3B
PDF, English

POP3B - User Manual

Dreamoc POP3B
PDF, English

Fusion Stand User manual

Dreamoc POP3 smart frame stand-3
PDF, English

Dreamoc Fusion Get Started

ZIP, English

Fusion stand branding

Dreamoc POP3 smart frame branding instructions
PDF, English