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Cash Capital Increase, 2019

Cash Capital Increase, 2019


  1. Teaser - English / Swedish

  2. Investment memorandum 24 April 2019

  3. Subscription form for subscription without subscription rights

  4. Realfiction Holding AB publishes video footage from investor event (PDF)

  5. Realfiction’s rights issue oversubscribed and directed issue fully subscribed (Press release)

Investor event 29 April 2019 in Telia Parken 

For direct link to each of the videos, please use the following links:

Investor presentation
CEO interview 
ARscandinavia interview


How to subscribe

Swedish investors: If you are based in Sweden, chances are that you are experienced with this kind of offerings.

If you are already a shareholder, you should have received a letter or e-mail from your bank or broker (in the following referred to as “bank”) with instructions.

If you are a Swedish investor, and not yet a shareholder you will be able to subscribe through your normal bank. Your bank will also be able to advise you in relation to potential use of KF or ISK accounts. And if you do not have a bank, we can recommend opening an account with one of the online banks, Avanza or Nordnet. That takes only minutes.

Danish investors: If you are a Danish investor, you have a similar set of options, except that some of the Danish banks are unable to assist, ref. below.

If you are already a shareholder, you should have received a letter from your bank with instructions.

If you are a Danish investor, and not yet a shareholder then your options depend upon your choice of bank. Certain larger banks, such as Danske Bank offer online subscription. Your first step should be to check if your bank can (will) help you.

If not, then your best option is to open an account with Nordnet, the leading online bank for subscription and trading of shares. That takes only minutes. Please go to www.nordnet.dk.

For more information on how to subscribe, please see HERE.