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Stock information

Stock information


Realfiction Holding AB is listed on Nasdaq First North, and trades under the symbol REALFI and ISIN-code SE0009920994. 


Ownership structure per 30 September 2021:

Name Number of shares Ownership (in %)
Ceranco Equity S.C.S 1 3,194,447                                             17.51
CLAPE HOLDING ApS 2 3,005,000                                             16.47
AmTRAN Technology Co. LTD 3 1,983,768                                             10.88
Tamarind Limited 1 1,204,509 6.60
Formue Nord Markedsneutral A/S 1 919,643 5.04
Other shareholders (more than 3,400) 7,934,075                                             43.50
Total 18,241,442                                           100.00


1. Ceranco Equity S.C.S, Formue Nord Markedsneutral A/S and Tamarind Limited are investment companies with private investors.

2. CLAPE HOLDING ApS is owned 50 percent by CEO and board member Clas Dyrholm and 50 percent by board member Peter Simonsen.

3. AmTRAN Technology Co. Ltd. is a large OEM producer of LCD TV’s and other consumer electronics.